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90A/12V 1250 Watt Diversion Dummy Load Resistor Heater
90A/12V 1250 Watt Diversion Dummy Load Resistor Heater
For 12 volt systems. Now with custom made Kanthal-A1 wire wound resistors.


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$555.44 20% $111.0880
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Coleman Air

90 Amp, 1250 Watt, 12 Volt Diversion Load Center

Designed for use with Diversion Controllers

Now with custom made Kanthal-A1 wire wound, high heat elements.


This Diversion Center Can be mounted on to a wall to provide heating as well as serve as a diversion (dummy) load.


These resistors have been custom made (here in Coleman Texas) specifically to perform as diversion (dummy) loads in solar/wind/hydro alternate energy systems. Unlike water heating elements, this unit does not need to be submerged in water or oil. It will operate in free air.

Each of the resistors we sell has been selected based on it's ability to dissipate a very specific amount of power (watts) with a very specific resistance value (ohms), at a very specific voltage. When used as recommended, they will not burn out, even under continuous use.

Please note. These resistors will become hot during normal use, please mount them away from heat sensitive objects and out of the reach of children.


The diversion load center consists of five resistors mounted directly onto two sheets of CNC cut, .063 aluminum sheets (A left and right sheet). These two sheets form the electrical connection for the six resistors. Both sheets are mounted to a solid piece of ceramic board. Two terminals with aluminum nuts are provided for a solid connection to your wiring. The entire unit is enclosed in a Hoffman 8 x 12 x 4 enclosure with a vented


   Load specs per resistor.

   Ohms    Volts    Amps    Watts
.83 12 14.46 173.52
.83 12.5 15.06 188.25
.83 13 15.67 203.71
.83 13.5 16.26 219.52
.83 14 16.87 236.18
.83 14.25 17.17 244.67
.83 14.5 17.46 253.17
.83 15 18.07 271.05

Area in green is where most diversion controllers would be set to divert.

This Diversion Center consists of 5 - .83 ohm resistors. Each .83 ohm resistor will dissipate 17.46 amps at 14.5 volts. This is 253.17 watts/resistor. Five resistors in parallel will dissipate 1265 watts at 14.5 volts (87 Amps) and 90 amps at 15 volts.


This Diversion Load center is a perfect companion to a 1000 watt 12 volt wind generator.  Please do not use this unit on 24 volt systems as it will be damaged quickly, and may result in fire, injury or worse!  Please see our other listings for 24 and 48 volt diversion centers.

Caution -- Very Hot heater! -- In testing the resistors in the unit produced 800 degrees (F) -- This is hot enough to flash (Start a fire) with paper, plastics and other such flammable objects. The unit must be mounted a safe distance from flammable objects.  

The unit is very safe if mounted properly. We recommend that the box be mounted on a piece of non-flammable material (Cement board etc.) or thick plywood, with some air space between the box and plywood. Do not mount this heater on thin panel walls or similar. Be sure all flammable objects are at least 16 inches from the front of this unit, 8 inches from the sides and 2 inches from the back.


Please contact us if you have wiring questions.


Big things are happening from a lot of little companies, and if you notice the truly innovate products are being released from the new kids on the block.




Due to major delays in customs, we no longer ship to Italy.

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