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Coleman Air is a relatively new company with new and innovative ideas.

Its owners first made the move to off-grid living in 1991 before most people knew what a solar panel was. Craig and Bernadette Allen left a hectic, high-stress business with a dream of a simpler and more independent life.  They embraced alternate energy with a passion and found that sustainable energy was not a dream, but a fully attainable reality. They raised their children on simple, wholesome principles and Biblical foundations. Many of these principles are shared by people of all faiths, as they include integrity, fairness, honesty and a desire to improve our lives and our neighbors’ quality of life—not by having more, but by having better, leaner and friendlier lives and by emboldening all who inhabit this great planet to enjoy true satisfaction as we walk this earth.

As our energy needs grew in our multiple businesses, we began to research the capabilities, price and usefulness of wind turbines.. This research quickly brought us to the realization that many of the existing turbines are so expensive that they simply cannot be justified on a financial basis. Others, made by do-it-your-selfers, fell into two categories: those that worked and those that did not—and never would—work.. The latter, unfortunately, have taken over many of the auction sites and other online venues. Fortunately, this research also uncovered some very effective new designs by some great minds.

After many trials (and failures), we have developed a line of turbines and controllers that allow the average household to afford alternate energy, to include wind energy. Our turbines are robust and made with pride. Our charge controllers and electronics have filled a long needed void in the alternate energy field. They were designed not with a priority on financial gain, but for all of us who seek a more independent, resource conscience, sustainable life —without spending a fortune doing it.


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