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75 A AMP - 3 PHASE Bridge Rectifier AC to DC for WIND

75 A AMP - 3 PHASE Bridge Rectifier AC to DC for WIND


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$252.00 20% $12.6000

75  Amp, 3 Phase rectifier

Converts three phase AC to DC

Works with 12 volt and up Alternators


The rectifier is capable of running at 75 amps continuous and 150 amps surge (providing there is a means to dissipate heat) at nearly any voltage a wind turbine might produce providing you mount it to an adequate heat dissipation material or allow it to have some air flow. A 24v wind turbine will probably produce around 40 volts with a moderate wind.

The rectifier itself uses 6 diodes rated at 50 amps each. Theoretically, it could handle even more than 150 amps but cooling must be taken into account and is actually the limiting factor. Most other rectifiers being sold as "35 amp rectifiers" use only 25 amp diodes. This rectifier is more than double that capacity due to both the doubled capacity of the diodes as well as the larger, staggered finned area. Notice the staggering in the fins, this allows for better cooling than straight fins.


3 Phase rectifiers are used with 3 phase alternators such as 3 phase wind turbines or hydro electric alternators. The rectifier converts the 3 phases of A/C (alternating current), to D/C (direct current), that can then be used to charge batteries or run D/C appliances. 

Please note: This rectifier has been rated based on information obtained from the manufacturer, who may (or may not have) have assumed a steady air flow to allow proper cooling. We have not personally tested this unit at 75 amps steady without air flow, but plan to do so in the next few days. If you will be using this rectifier at higher amperages, or in connection with a wind turbine (or any other device that requires a load at all times to prevent failure) then we recommend it be mounted to a metal surface, or that you provide forced air flow to insure heat dissipation.

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