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85 Amp -- 600! Volt Blocking Diode

Prevents Reverse current flow (discharge), in Solar and DC wind turbines.

Works with 12 volt through 600 volt systems.

1 Piece(s)


This is the same diode used in our B170 Unit.

Rated at 85 amps and nearly any voltage your energy system might produce, makes it a perfect candidate for medium to large solar arrays with high wattage outputs, and high wattage DC turbines. Combine multiple diodes in parallel for higher current flow. Please note: Proper mounting to a heat sink or metal plate is required for proper heat dissipation.

Here is the manufacture datasheet on this diode . 85hf60.pdf


Why do I need a blocking diode? Solar panels require some form of reverse flow protection or they will discharge your batteries at night. DC wind turbines require a blocking diode or the batteries will actually attempt to turn the turbine backwards in light or no wind conditions. If you have a three phase AC output wind turbine, you do not need a blocking diode, instead you need a 3 phase rectifier, please see our store listings for three phase rectifiers. Solid state solar charge controllers often have built in reverse current flow prevention and therefor you may not need a blocking diode with some solid state charge controllers. Most diversion controllers utilizing relays and/or solenoids do not prevent reverse current flow, and thus a blocking diode is required with many diversion controllers. This blocking diode is also useful for single phase AC hydro and wind turbines.

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