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Warranty and Repair
Warranty and Repair information


Yes, of course we offer a full warranty on all of our products.

Our solid state controllers (Currently the C155-SMAD, C75-PWM and the C65-PWM) carry a one year, full parts and labor, repair or replacement warranty. Should these controllers fail during normal use, we will repair or replace the unit at our expense.

Our relay and/or solenoid based controllers carry a 90 day
full parts and labor, repair or replacement warranty. Should these controllers fail during normal use, we will repair or replace the unit at our expense.

Should your controller fail after the warranty period has expired, we offer what we believe is the industries most reasonable repair rate -- $50.00 flat rate repair period! Should the controller fail, we will repair or replace it for $50.00 plus shipping!

Please note. The warranty service and/or flat rate repair covers manufacturing and/or design defects only. Warranty and/or flat rate repair does not cover damage due to abuse or using the controller outside of its design intentions. Damage due to rain, water, high humidity, salt spray, dropping, impact or any other external forces are not covered under any warranty or flat rate repair service.
Components that have been damaged due to environmental impact will be replaced at additional cost. Heavy environmental damage may preclude repair.

The flat rate repair does not cover items that have a limited life expectancy, like solenoids and relays.  If we replace your solenoids or relays, in a product past its warranty period, we will charge you the current price of the relay(s)/solenoid, in addition to the $50.00

If the cost to repair your unit is above the flat rate repair cost, we will contact you to insure you wish to proceed with the repair of your unit.

All other products carried on our website carry at least a 90 day warranty as well.

You are responsible for any and all shipping cost (both ways), including import/export taxes, VAT taxes and tariffs on all repairs, both in and out of warranty.

If you have received products from us in a damaged condition (the shipping box shows signs of damage), please alert the courier immediately so we can file a claim with the shipping company. Then contact us, send us back the damaged products, and we will send you replacement unit(s) at our cost. We will cover the cost of the shipping both ways for DOA (dead on arrival) products. You will always receive fully functional units, at no risk to yourself.

Should you purchase a unit and find out you can not use it, or for any other reason and want to return it, you may do so within 7 days of receiving the unit. There is a 20% restocking fee, and you are responsible for any and all shipping cost as well as
import/export taxes, VAT taxes and tariffs. Please note: We do not sell used equipment, so any products returned that are not in their original condition cannot be refunded and will be returned back to you.

Please call or email us for warranty repair or a return authorization before sending anything to us. Please know your invoice number and date of purchase.

If you are having problems with any of the Coleman Air products, please contact us; 99% of the time, the problem can be corrected via email or telephone support.

Purchase with confidence, knowing that the Coleman Air controllers have a proven track record of reliability and exceptional service. With many thousands of controllers in the field, if we were not doing it right, we would have been gone a long time ago.


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