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Coleman Air B240 Blocking Diode/Isolator

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Coleman Air B240 Blocking Diode/Isolator
B240-ISO Early Release.

Coleman Air B240 Blocking Diode/Battery Isolator.
240 Max Surge Amps, 150V DC

No manual is currently included.


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Coleman Air

Limited stock available --- Please call before ordering.

Coleman Air B240-ISO

240 Amp (Surge), 1V to 150V Blocking Diode Array with Enclosure

Built using 12 Schottky Diodes, each rated at 20A/150V

Prevents reverse current flow (discharge), in Solar and DC wind turbines as well as isolation between battery bank(s)




This unit incorporates 12 Schottky diodes (which have a very low voltage drop compared to standard diodes).  The 20 diodes are placed in parallel on a heavy PCB and then sandwiched between two sheets of aluminum.  The entire unit is then attached to two 3 x 4" heat sinks, to provide substantial thermal transfer to handle heavy current loads.


The 12 installed diodes are capable of running at 240 amps (total) for short intervals, or 120 amps continuous* at up to 150 volts, making it perfect for large solar arrays with high wattage outputs as well as high wattage DC turbines, generators or battery isolation. Please note, the diodes are rated at 20 amps each by the manufacturer.  Coleman Air has not tested this diode array at full capacity as we have no method of producing such high current flow in our lab; therefor, we are relying solely on the manufacture's testing and rating of these diodes.  Thermal transfer and cooling is by far the limiting factor, therefor, for best results, place the unit where it will receive ambient cooling or air flow across the two heatsinks.

 *Note: Continuous power handling will be reduced in hot climates or installations.

Why do I need a blocking diode? Solar panels require some form of reverse flow protection or they will discharge your batteries at night. DC wind turbines require a blocking diode or the batteries will actually attempt to turn the turbine backwards in light or no wind conditions. If you have a three phase AC output wind turbine, you do not need a blocking diode, instead you need a 3 phase rectifier, please see our store listings for three phase rectifiers. Solid state solar charge controllers often have built in reverse current flow prevention and therefor you may not need a blocking diode with some solid state charge controllers. Most diversion controllers utilizing relays and/or solenoids do not prevent reverse current flow, and thus a blocking diode is required with many diversion controllers. This blocking diode is also useful for single phase AC hydro and wind turbines and battery bank isolation.

The enclosure is heavy gauge, solid steel, rain tight enclosure - Ready to mount. -- No plastic, no junk, simple and rugged. -- There are three punch outs on bottom side of the enclosure.

The enclosure is heavy gauge, solid steel, ready to mount. -- No plastic, no junk, simple and rugged.
Approximate Enclosure size: 6 X 8 X 4 + 4"  in additional height with the heatsink.

The B240 is mounted in a Nema-3R enclosure, which allows it to be mounted outdoors. 
The fully sealed enclosure also provides a level of EMP and static discharge protection. 


Early ReleaseVersion available now.



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