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The Coleman Air C65-PWM

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C65-PWM part 2


65 Amp - Solid State PWM Charge Controller

With High Contrast Volt Meter


Works directly with 12 or 24 volt systems
This solid-state (no relays or solenoids) 3 stage PWM charge controller has been specifically designed for medium sized solar or hybrid, battery based alternate energy systems of up to 65 amps. The Coleman Air C65-PWM uses two high-power mosfets (230 amps each), in a back-to-back configuration, allowing a significant increase in total current handling capability over competing models in this price range.
Use this controller to regulate and prevent battery overcharge in: Solar Systems, Wind Systems and Hydro Systems





Introducing the Coleman Air C440-HVAD
The Coleman Air C440-HVAD is the digital upgrade to our very popular C440-HVA diversion controller.

The all digital user interface allows you to change nearly all of charging parameters to best meet your battery and load requirements.

This controller is solenoid based allowing it to easily run diversion loads such as heating elements, lighting, crypto coin miners, pumps and grid tied inverters, just to name a few.

Proudly made in the USA!

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