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6X6 MC-4M Solar Combiner box - Nema 3R Enclosure
6" x 6" Nema 3R rain tight, with 10 female and 10 male MC-4 solar connectors


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Coleman Air

150 Amp, 10 circuit (20 connectors), MC-4 Solar Combiner Box

Two 10 position bus bars, with two #2 main lugs

Nema 3R rain-tight enclosure.



Perfect for paralleling solar panels. The enclosure can be mounted outdoors with no additional protection from rain and snow. There are 10 male MC-4 connectors on one side, and 10 female MC-4 connectors on the other side. Each connector is connected to a 10 position bus bar. Each bus has a large lug which can handle #16 to #2 wire.
  • Nema 3R all metal enclosure with 3 conduit knockouts on the bottom, and watertight cover.
  • Lockable cover
  • 20 high quality, Ampenol MC-4 (Helios H4 Solar Connectors) connectors.
  • Soldered, not crimped MC-4 connectors, will not pull out or deteriorate.
  • Each connector is fully isolated from the enclosure.
  • 15 amps per circuit, 150 Amps total.
  • Just plug in standard MC-4 solar connectors directly into the 20 connectors provided by this combiner.
  • Each buss is fully isolated from each other and the enclosure.
  • Includes a non conductive back plate which helps prevent accidental shorting due to stray wire strands

Enclosure specifications:

6" X 6" X 4" NEMA 3R Screw Cover Enclosure

Bodies and doors fabricated from 12 gauge carbon steel and pre-galvanized steel
Drip shield top and smooth seamless sides and front
Knockouts on bottom of 4.00" and 6.00" deep enclosures
A slip-on reversible cover is securely fastened with screws located along bottom edge
No gasketing is required
Hasp for padlocking or meter seal is provided
ANSI-61 gray polyester powder inside and out over phosphatized surfaces over carbon steel
Pre-galvanized finish with phosphatized surface

Brackets with 1/4" holes are on both top and bottom for easy mounting.

Shown with cover flipped to allow for lock.

Cover flipped with lockable slot upwards under top lip.

This Combiner uses Amphenol Industrial Helios H4 Solar Connectors

Amphenol Helios H4 connector ranked best in independent photovoltaic test comparison!
The Amphenol Industrial Helios H4 Solar Connectors offer cost effective solutions for all segments of the solar electric system while featuring the highest current rating in the industry - 40 Amps. The Helios H4 provides efficient, low loss power transfer through precision machined contacts utilizing RADSOK technology. The H4 connectors offer high reliability for both thin film and crystalline silicon technologies. The H4 Solar Connectors feature a quick and easy, safe NEC 2008 compliant locking system with secure snap lock mating, making the H4 the most advanced solar connector available. The Helios H4 meets NEC 2008 standards "as is", with no additional components needed. With a 25-year UV and ozone resistance, the Amphenol H4 Solar Connectors meet waterproof IP67 standards and withstand hydrolysis, oil, chemicals, abrasion, corrosion, and temperature extremes. The Amphenol Industrial Helios H4 Solar Connectors are fully intermateable with industry standard (MC4) connectors and are ready for field assembly with no small parts to lose. The RoHS compliant Helios H4connectors are engineered to meet UL, TUV, IEC/CEI, NEC, and DIN V.

Note: The two Amphenol connectors shown in this image are the connectors used on the wire side (from the solar panels), not the combiner.

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