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6 Inch 24 Volt DC Submersible Water Heater Element
24 Volt DC low voltage submersible water heater element - Available in 400, or 600 Watt.


400 Watts 
600 Watts 

Available in increments of 1
Total Percent Off Per Unit
$59.56 0% $59.5600
$107.21 10% $53.6040
$238.24 20% $47.6480
$446.70 25% $44.6700
$863.62 27.5% $43.1810
$1,042.30 30% $41.6920
$1,935.70 35% $38.7140

Coleman Air
24 Volt DC low voltage submersible water heater element - Available in 400 Watt or 600 Watt.

Can be used direct with batteries, solar panels, hydroelectric generators, as a wind turbine dump diversion load. You can run high voltage through the element as long as you don't exceed the rated wattage of the element, example: a 600 watt element can handle a 600 watt max solar array output of 150 volts 4 amps, example2: a 300 watt element can handle a max output of 300 watts 200 volt at 1.5 amps.

If your panel voltage times your panel amperage (the panel's total wattage) does not exceed the wattage rating of this element, then you can safely use the element with your higher voltage panels.


Can also be used as a solar panel dump load.

Fits standard water heaters with a 1" NPT or your own custom heater tank.

First, we start with solid brass base and copper, then the element is nickel plated for long life.

Livestock water tank deicer (low amp draw means you won't drain your battery as fast). For keeping dog, cat, and other domestic animals' water from freezing.
Standard American water heater element replacement for on or off grid applications
Water preheating
Campers, Motor homes
Emergency hot water
Portable commercial, industrial machines and equipment
Runs off your car battery for portable hot water anywhere
Direct wind and solar applications
Use for diy solar batch water heaters
For heating motor oil, vegetable oil, or most any other oils or liquids
and many, many more uses where heat or diversion loads are needed.

DC water heating elements are much safer than 110 volt

Heat water directly using a wind turbine generator (with or without a battery bank). Wind turbine generators are used primarily for electricity generation.

The power used can be stored in a battery bank or connected to the mains supply using a suitable grid tie inverter. In very strong winds, and/or when the batteries are fully charged a wind turbine may generate more current than the batteries can handle.

Therefore a dump load is often used to divert the extra energy to heat water so it is not wasted and so that the wind turbine does not spin so quickly that it is damaged.

Diversion Load Water Heating
Pictured below is a typical 12 Volt water heating element which can be screwed into an immersion heater draincock hole. When used as a diversion (dump) load, such an element is connected to the batteries via a charge regulator. When the regulator detects that the batteries are fully charged, it diverts the generated electricity to the element which heats water.
DC Element Diagram

  • Shipping Weight: 0.5lbs
  • Size: 1" Pipe (NPT). The heating element will need 5.4" inside the tank and a minimum of 1" outside the tank.


Due to major delays in customs, we no longer ship to Italy.

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