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12 Volt, 440 Amp Relay - Includes capacitor & resistor.
Ametek SBD-4201-G (15-386) Silver contact solenoid.
12 Volt, high amperage continuous duty relay.


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Replacement solenoid for C440-HVA, C440-HVM, C440-MMC

Can also be used with the CKit board or C40.

This is the genuine Ametek SBD-4201-G with silver contacts and silver disc.

This solenoid is rated at a full 200 amps continuous on the N.O. (diversion) contacts with a 900 AMP MAKE (engage) and 300 AMP break (disengage) rating.

We have tested this solenoid at more than 440 AMPS of diversion (using approximately a 40-50% duty cycle) with no issues. (Please click here to see our testing results.)

The N.C. contacts are rated at 150 amps continuous, with a 400 amp make and 150 break. (See chart below)

This is TWICE the rated capacity of the copper versions by this manufacture and other vendors compatible copper based products.

Don't be fooled by lower priced copper based models, they handle half the current and can wear out quickly!

CURRENT RATINGS for Ametek Solenoid

Cross reference:

Solenoid Switch Cole Hersee # 24401, 24401BX Prestolite # 15-323

We include a 2.2K resistor and 100uf/100v Capacitor that are put in parallel with the normally closed contacts. This combination called a "Snubber" helps reduce contact arching and can greatly increase the life of the solenoid.

  • Circuitry DPST
  • Coil voltage 12V
  • Contacts SILVER
  • Inner movable disc SILVER
  • Terminals copper; 10-32 thread and 5/16"-24 thread. Hex nuts and lock washers included
  • Housing plated steel

Here are some of the most common ways to wire the relay using our controller as an example. -- Click the image to enlarge

24v Standard Diversion48v Standard Diversion12v Disconnect Controller24v Disconnect Controller

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask, we are happy to help.

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